DJ kidGorilla has been making others lose themselves in music since childhood.  At nine, he would play his mother’s Tom Tom Club records (with a speaker propped in the window) and watch with delight as the popular neighborhood kids danced in his driveway.  Making people move has some kind of magic that has always stayed with him, and drives him to this day.  He was named kidGorilla when first starting out in Austin by a friend of his who stated:  “you look like a little kid gorilla, so happy behind the decks.”  He is currently the in-house DJ for Bedpost Confessions (six+ years) and Revelry’s Sunday Brunch. You can also find him at Cherry Cola Dog, Bar Chi, and various other events and weddings. In addition to being a devoted husband and father to two beautiful pugs and three glorious cats, he is a longtime burner, audiophile, and beat forager.